Summer Fruits Cake.

Hello it’s me and today I am going to show/tell you how to make this delicious (if I do say so myself) summer fruits sponge cake with a summer fruits sauce on the top.You will need some Madeira cake batter, some summer fruits (I used the frozen fruit),you’ll also need some non stick baking paper and all the other things to make the cake mix with.You get my drift?Also I used the shop bought cake mix just because we had it lying around but you can make your own if you want to (obviously).Another thing is that I am by no means a pro at baking I just like doing it and find it very calm and therapeutic.

So step number one is to lay some berries on the bottom of your cake tin then put some cake mix on the top,then just keep doing that until you have either filled your cake pan or have ran out of cake mix.

So what you gotta do now is put your lovely cake in the oven at 160-180 degrees and bake it for roughly 50-60 mins.

“I want some cake.”Love my puppy dog (;

Now your cake is baking you can go and relax or you could do what I did and make a sauce/drizzle kind of thing to put on your cake (kinda like icing).Full disclosure my sauce doesn’t look grate because I got a bit lazy and just couldn’t really be bothered any more but I do know how to make a very simple sauce kind of thing so I will tell you but mine does not look as good as it would have if I had done this.So what you gotta do is put your fruit in the microwave to get them defrosted and also just to get them a bit more like a sauce kind of thing (I call it a sauce but it is more like pouring juice).Once you have got it to a melted kind of thing with still some lumps and bumps in it -make sure not to burn the fruit because that can happen I know because I did it-get a little sieve and a bowl,put the fruit into the bowl then get a spoon or a fork and start pressing down on the fruit to get all those lovely juices out of the and then you got yourself a sauce.

Once you think your cake is ready you can take it out of the oven, a way to see if it is ready is to stick a clean knife straight down the middle and if the knife comes out mostly clean then your cake is ready.If your cake is ready then take it out of the oven and put it on a cooling rack and let it sit there for a little while and whatever you do do not put the sauce on when the cake is still hot or even warm because then your sauce will just disappear!

Now that your cake is cool add your sauce over the top and then you may enjoy you delicious cake.I did add a little caster sugar over the top but that is completely optional.

Anyway since I am a bit of a spoon I completely forgot to take a picture of the cake but that doesn’t matter because it didn’t look very pleasing to the eye anyway and wouldn’t want to make anyone have nightmares would I.

Thank you for reading loves



How I Cope With School Drama.

Hello.I thought that today I would sit down and write about how I cope with drama and stuff like that with people and people at school(FYI I am not coping with loads of stress and drama at school but everyone goes threw it at some point and when it does happen to me this is what I do) so let’s get started.

What I do to cope with any kind of problem or I feel annoyed about anything I write it all down in my diary.I know that sounds like such an old lady thing to say but for me it really works.Just writing down everything about my day and how I feel in it always feel like I have taken a crate of bricks of my back.Basically all that I’m trying to say is that if you need a way to cope with anything and you are like me and hate telling people how you feel and if anything is going on and you don’t know how to tell people just write it down and I promise you it will work (well it does for me).

Chow and remember that

loves Emiji.

What I’m Watching.

Hello.Today i thought it would be good to share with you what I’m watching at the moment.Though it wont be a very long list because i don’t really watch a lot of tv shows I’m more of a movie type of girl (HA HA) but the few tv shows that i watch i am just going to write them down for you.

So TV show number1 is Riverdale,and i know some of you may be thinking it is a bit weird but hay that is personal preference,but i like it for the investigation side of things.So for all of you who don’t know what Riverdale is it is a show about a group of high school friend who solve mysteries like the murder of Jayson Blossoms murder and the identity of a cereal killer.I heard about Riverdale from my good friend Miea and for the longest time i would never watch it no matter how much anyone told me how good it is because i thought it was far to much of a high school drama,not gonna lie tough there is a bit of that in it but not as much as i thought.So anyway i like this tv show but if you do want to watch it you can only get it on Netflix so sorry if you don’t have it but if you do i would recommend it. (mainly to those who are around the age of 12 and 18 though because i don’t think that adults would like it that much)

I know this isn’t a tv show but it is such a lovely movie i thought i just had to share.Wonder is its name (yes i am aware this movie came out like two years ago) and i think that it is such a wonderful movie.It is about a boy called Augie who has a facial disfiguration and he gets really badly bullied at school and the movie is just about how he overcomes it and how if you keep trying your life can go up and down but it will get better eventually.Would definitely recommend!

So that’s really all i can think to recommend at the moment but once i watch/get some new recommendations from Miea (she spends far to much time watching Netflix)i will tell you.

So that’s all from me today.

X -Emiji -X

Facing Your Fears.

Hi it’s me and today i thought it would be a good idea to talk about doing things that put you slightly out of your comfort zone/facing your fears.My mum actually gave me this idea because today was Armistice Day and since i am a Army Cadet i had to do the parade(i had to march)and since I didn’t practice for it i was super nervous and really didn’t want to do it,if it wasn’t for my mum(if your reading this thank you)I definitely wouldn’t have done it.So today i am going to write about my experience and hopefully help some people and comfort people by reassuring them that they are not the only people feeling this way.

So lets start of the day in the morning.I got up at eight o’clock and put on my kit all set and ready to go on parade.So i walked down to do the parade and once I was there i was absolutely fine and i just kept telling myself that i was going to do good and that i was going to be fine (but of course i do understand that this doesn’t and won`t work for everyone)!

So basically the way that i coped with this and doing something that I didn’t really want to do was i just kept telling myself that i was going to be fine and that i was going to do good.Another thing that i kept telling myself was that if I didn’t do this i would be really annoyed with myself for the rest of my life and i also don’t want to be sitting there with the grand kids (its just a fraze) with them asking if there is any opportunity that i could of taken and didn’ basically what i am trying to say is that even if there is an opportunity that might scare you or makes you slightly uneasy just do it (unless there is some really really good reason as to not do it).

I don’t want to keep going on about this because i don’t want to keep going on about my life and i do understand that this can be a very touchy subject so I am gonna go now.Goodbye all and have a nice day/week!


X -Emiji – X

One minute brownie 😱😱😱

Hello.So I found this really nice brownie recipe and it is super cheep and more healthy than a real brownie.To be honest I thought it would taste horrible but to my surprise it’s actually really nice.

So you will need one egg,a table spoon,some flower(any will do),some sugar(any will do),some oil,a microwave,some cocoa powder and a cup.

So this is how you make it:you want to crack your egg into your cup,then add four table spoons of sugar,now add one table spoon of flour,now you need to add two table spoons of your cocoa powder and finally add two table spoons of oil.

Now you have got all your ingredients into your cup you want to mix all of your ingredients together (I recommend using a fork for this because it’s just a lot easier than a spoon).

Once you have mixed all your ingredients together and it looks like some sort of cake mix(basically it needs to all be mixed thoroughly and be like the picture that I have inserted below)you want to put it into the microwave and set the time to one minute and fourth seconds.

And wala your brownie/cake is ready to eat and enjoy(FYI I put raisins in mine).Of course if you want to you could add a different flavouring to the mix but cocoa is the most healthy and that’s why I use it.for reading!

How to Keep Your Room Tidy(for all the teens)

Now I’m not one for keeping my room tidy:sorry mum,but we all have the excuse because we are all lazy and have the same excuse like I’m to tired and you always say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”Mainly just because we can’t be bothered.But if there is something that we can all admit it is that once we do tidy our room IT FEELS GREAT!So here are my top tips to help make it easier to keep your room tidy.

Tip #1:Basically when your mum gives you washing just put it away rather than throw it on the floor just put it in your wardrobe or wherever you keep your clothes just put it away!And I know I know we all hate it I hate it to but it helps.

Tip#2:Hoover and basically just do little things like that more frequently then you will find it a lot easier.

Over all tip:I can’t really say a lot more because I’m writing this on my lunch break at school and education is important and I don’t want to be late for class (my friends are also shouting at me for being unsociable so I got to go ,but before I do my over all tip is just to try your best to keep your room tidy as much as possible and that will make it so much easier.Now I really have to go!

Thanks for reading or even visiting my blog.

❤️s Emiji.

New Friends in High School.

Hello it’s me I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a LONG time but I’ve just been so busy with school that I just haven’t had the time(or energy)to come up with any ideas or sit down and write,but I thought that since I’ve been so busy with school why not write about the different way that I coped with starting secondary so I have thought up some tips and tricks on how to get through my first ever term.

So I’m mainly going to focus on tips for new people/S1s (people in first year for all those who don’t live in Scotland)and the first thing that I’m going to talk about is friends and I know what you must be thinking why friend,well let me tell you I’ve brought this one up first because I know that was one of the things that I and a lot of other people in my year were frightened about so let’s get started because this might take a while.                                                                                                                                             So when I say friends I think a lot of the time it’s the fact that we are going to a big,new place so you can definitely get separated from your friends that you had previously. (I did.I had nobody in any of my classes)When I went into S1 I got separated from all of my friend that I had previously but for me that was more of a positive than a negative because I’ve always struggled in social situations and always found it really difficult to make friends.So if you to have that problem then I would advise you to put yourself out there,go to clubs,push yourself and try to meet new people because that will be very useful!Now let’s stop dragging this out and get to the point,so my advice for making new friends is don’t rush and I know that sounds way to simple to be true but I (and other people that I know)have found this to work better rather than those stupid “get to know your class mates better”games so really it is just that simple just don’t rush it;you can’t force someone to be friends with you!So don’t!But I will say that I’d there is someone that you think you would get along well with then try to hang around them a little(but don’t be creepy)like ask them if they need help or sit with them at lunch or breaks basically just be you and do you because if you try to be someone else then it’s gonna be even more difficult to make friend in the long run.

And just remember that we are all in the same boat and that it’s okay to be scared or nervous:it’s perfectly normal!

Thank you for reading this post(not that I expect anyone to read it but hay it’s fun to write)and if you have any ideas of what you would like me to write about next please let me know!I do have some ideas lingering in my head but it’s always nice to hear what the people want.
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Where to go and What to do if you are in Scotland!

Hello ‘‘tis me ad today I am going to tell you some fun things to do and so cool placed to go when you are in the Scottish grand capital Edinburgh!

So I’m going to start of with the grand Capital of Scotland Edinburgh!So some good things to go and do are to visit  Holyrood palace (this is where Mary Queen of Scots lived because the castle was to cold no change there then it can still be really cold,but we have been getting some really good weather recently),so that brings us to the next thing to do in Edinburgh you can walk up the royal mile where there is lots of gift shops and cafes it also gives you a bit of exercise 🤣and the final thing on my list is the mighty Edinburgh castle itself which is at the very tip top of the royal mile and you could probably guess that Holyrood palace is at the very bottom of the mile.Now of course there are so many more things to do in Edinburgh like the haunted houses but I didn’t mention that because it is also on the royal mile so you will find a lot of things on the mile but if you also want to get of the mile Edinburgh Zoo is a vey popular place especially for their penguin parade!

So now I promise that I am done and if you would like me to do a post on my exercise routine I would be more than happy to do that for you and also I was thinking of doing a morning routine so if you would like that let me know👍.

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My Skin Care.

Hello and today I am going to tell you about my skin care routine for when I have problematic skin.

So my normal skin care routine is super simple and all I do is wash my face with the legendary Cetaphil face and body wash,because the more simple your skin care routine is the better your skin will be ( usually it really depends on if you have any time of skin conditions so do what is right for you).

Right and finally on to the problematic side of things what I like to use is my legendary Cetaphil and also the Sukin Detoxifying clay masque.Both of these things a very natural and simple for your skin and also the sukin clay masque is you’ll be happy to know is suitable for all skin types! Now I’m not going to tell you how to put the face masque because the directions are on the tub,but what I do do is wash my face whith warm water and the Cetaphil then I put the face masque on (if you have any black heads this works wonders!)

B6208772-C4B7-40AD-91DC-4B1103A34E56D81D1608-B7F8-4E2B-873E-94BC798BE2289DFE5E83-36AE-4E65-B954-CC39EAC5A5C8Anyway that’s me for today but as always thank you so much for reading and I am sending you all my love 🙂

May Favourites!

Hello and today I’m going to be telling you about my May faves!(O and sorry I’ve been gone for so long I’ve been very busy training).

So the first thing I’ve been loving is this amazing book called Finding Harmony by Sally  Hyder.Its a very heart warming story about how Sally gets an incurable disease called multiple ysclerosis and then she gets Harmony.Anyway you will have to read it for yourself!

B87F170F-5780-4146-B5A8-79C83C10D45FAnother thing I’ve been loving is the apple and cinnamon tea by Heath and Heather (O and ps it tastes best iced,also I’ve done a blog post on how to do that).

0E59B18F-99A7-4505-BD78-2CE6D768715CAnother thing I’ve been loving is another book called Eragon.It is about teenage boy who finds a egg (I’m not going to tell what is in the egg)and then goes on a mission to find the people who killed his Uncle.

34515AD6-9713-4310-8B42-C01E50430F9FAnd another thing I’ve been loving is the Aldi Greek style yogurt(it’s so good but so cheap).

2D577D55-FD6D-42DB-884C-DA99FCCCD1CEAnd last but by no means least another thing I’ve been loving is this game called Sandbox colouring which is basically there are some numbers and you have to Mach the colour to the number,sounds boring but it’s not!

And as always I appreciate all your support!